Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday's Guest Freebies

As an Alphabet creator I was so impressed with this alpha.  To get it for free you need to "Like" the Facebook page.  It's an easy snag.  And there is a lot to like on the Facebook page.  And you can like me while you're there to see my freebies in advance.

I should think of more original post titles.  I do so many creative things for my viewers but this blog is for me.  
So I love vintage images and was just wishing yesterday for something like this and here it is!  Wow.  I love wishing when it works.
I love wishing when it doesn't work too, but thanks to Far Far Hill we won't need to know what that feels like today.
I don't know if it is the season or brown leaves but I love brown with anything lately.  I love argyle too.

Where was this when I needed it for the last baby shower?  How handy.  I have gingham in my paper collection if you follow the GrannyEnchanted.com link above in the sidebar.

From this kit I want that tan/gold ivy, the pumpkins, and that corn.

Tool around this site a while... So many cute brads!!  For example:

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