Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday's Guest Freebies

This is so darling!  It wants to be used with one of my polkas.
Click the burnt red polka paper to find a downloadable 12x12 inch in its original post.
I am intrigued by the plum wreath, fireplace, and ornament but why is the snowman scowling?

Cute Cluster.

This is darling!  I love the colors.  I've just created a paper... coming eventually... that would look so good with this.  It probably isn't part of the freebie but I am loving the distressed background of this image, not as much as the cluster, but close. (Hello Google Translate)

If you're here very often you know I'm a huge pixel scrapper fan.
Proof that digi scrapping can make you fatter.

Soooo cute! Look at the rich texture.  I love the little bird.  Gorgeous!  Quality!  Okay, I'm gushing now.  I'll stop... but WOW! I like it. 
Awww, a girly Christmas.

Just when I think no one loves you like I do here is this gorgeous kit.  It is so rare to find a whole kit available... except for my blog there are only a few out there that offer it all.  Look at this darling collection.  A whole collection.  A free collection. Take it and run.  Be sure to leave her a big THANK YOU. (Google Translate)

Are you in love with Far Far Hill yet?  I was weeks ago.  What could be taking you so long?  This designer is beyond fantastic.  I think I'm going to make you a guest freebies directory.  Wouldn't you like to see it all at once? Hmmm.  Bet Far Far Hill will be in there a ton.
The classy thing is the gold around the free sign.  I never try classy.  I should try.  Something about gold emboss and the word free says "click here."
Did I do this one before?  Because I still like it today.

This has been a fun entry to toss together.  I'm going to go see about making you a guest freebie directory.  A guest freebie directory of REAL freebies.

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