Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday's Guest Freebies

Thank you CBH for finding these lovely freebies.  I usually use a mix of Google, CBH and Craft Crave to 
find my freebies but Craft Crave is down today(Thursday).  All of these were found on the CBH Site.  I
 always check both CBH and Craft Crave because, though they sometimes find the same things, they find
many the other one doesn't.  I've found that they've replaced my housework... Meaning I smile more but my
house is now  messy because I'm always looking at their goodies.

Dainty!  How sweet!!  This would be so perfect in
just about anything girly.

Fun!  I love those bears.

I love the quality here.  You'll want Google Translate
on this one.

It is so hard not to gush about Scrap Dot.  This kit is
no less than perfect.  I love the simplicity.

Have you even scrapped last Easter yet?  Chop!
Chop!  No excuses left now.
I am enamored by these frames and cluster.  Loved
the for sale kit too.

I about fainted with glee when I saw this.  Beyond...

As a scrapper I bet you'll never get enough bows,
flowers, and brads.  I like the patterns on the back-
ground papers too.
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