Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday's Guest Freebies


Brown paper.  White hearts.  I am so there.

Very boy.  Just like a bouquet my son would


So if you're looking at fuzzy yellow chicks and
then you look at this.....

You'd have to think of something to do to put
them together, right?  I mean they are made for
each other, right?  Is it just me?  Yellow. Blue? 


Denim pockets are so cool and this one is
stuffed with nerd gear?  I still like it.

You tell me if this isn't thee best fluffy pink
heart eared pig you've ever seen.  I'll be
astounded if you can honestly say it, but I'd like
to know if you've seen anything to beat this
oinker.  I looked twice for the pig but stayed for
the paper.

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