Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's Guest Freebies

I love the paper butterfly. 

The sunlight on the flowers is an eye catcher. 

There is no download but you can enlarge it and 
copy/paste or right click save image. Since I'm
working on a new alphabet I will have for sale 
($0.99) next to a free kit this definitely made me stop
 and pause. I like the aged, worn paper and the 
flourish on the dress form. I'm including a preview of 
my letter B from the alphabet. It isn't ready yet, but 
I'll let you know when it is.  

It has been time consuming to drop shadows on
threads but have no drop shadows outside the
confines of the letter shapes.

And you remember this catching my eye from
yesterday's guest freebies.  Sewing on the brain. 

Oh!  Beautiful.

Dainty. Dainty. Dainty.

Like a button box, only digital... Look at all those
darling trims... Speaking of, have you checked out
my trim directory? I'm up to six pages of trims.


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