Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday's Guest Freebies

I saw this freebie today.  Now, if  you haven't 
noticed I have this adoration for Kimeric Kreations...

Indeed, I'd say they end up in most of my guest
freebies posts...(This one is really old but the link
still works. Hint: If you're fine with the size it's a PNG
 and you can just visit their blog, right click image and
"Save Image As..." Notice the transparent
background and my blog showing through?)....

So today when I picked up one freebie...

I spent a lot of time there looking at other freebies.
(This one reminds me of an alphabet I'm working on
right now.  You can see it on my Facebook page.)... 

And wouldn't you know I found freebies I'd missed...

Freebies I'd never want to live without.  Could this
be any more beautiful??...

So I never made it out of their blog for today's

But that can't be a surprise because who would ever
want to leave it?

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